Mantavya News

Mantavyanews is a highly functional News website.

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News media service.
Tech Stack
Javascript, Node.js, React.js, Next.js, REST API, Wordpress as headless CMS

Services Used

     Web Development
     Mobile App Development
     Manage Cloud Hosting

Mantavyanews is a highly functional News website. The articles are organized by topic so that visitors can easily navigate to their areas of interest.


They wanted to redevelop their website according to the easiest user flow so the users can easily access the data without any issues.

They wanted to have the features like: Infinite Scrolling, Banner Ads in Main Feed, Ad Frequency Customization, RSS Integration, Responsive Design and fast loading pages/website.

Our Solution:

We developed the website by fulfilling client demands. We provided,

Infinite Scrolling:

which was a great option for the Mantavyanews website due to the high volume of information that users can access, as this functionality provides a highly efficient way to browse through information without waiting for new pages to load. This enhances the user experience, particularly for mobile users because they can simply browse through headlines to get to the content they need, without constantly loading new webpages.

Banner Ads in Main Feed:

As this content website is monetized by selling advertising. Since the vast majority of the Mantavyanews user experience occurs on the website main feed, it was important for us to find ways of integrating ads into that space. We were able to successfully achieve this goal by customizing Components that enabled ad the management of multiple ad units of varying types and sizes.

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Ad Frequency Customization:

We configured the backend of the site to allow the website administrator to set the number of posts in takes to trigger each type of advertisement. This feature allows for easy changing of the ad frequency rate, to balance out advertiser needs with a good user experience, based on the amount of content and traffic the website has at any given time.

RSS Integration:

Along with client-submitted posts, the backend of the site allows for the client to easily enter an RSS feed link and featured image, and they can have stories from other websites display in the main feed. This is unique functionality, and allows the client to reach out to leading golf websites, form partnerships, and display their content onsite. This functionality is easily triggered on and off in the backend of the site.

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Responsive Design:

A responsive website, meaning that during the development process, we took an approach to coding and laying out the website to provide users with the optimal viewing experience based on the resolution of their display. As the website is intended for mobile use on phones and tablets, all designs and wireframes were developed with that in mind.

Finally A Successful Launch:

By taking the time to understand what our client and Mantavyanews visitors were looking for in their website, we were able to determine the features that would best enhance the site functionality and the overall user experience. Contact us today to find out how we can help you develop and launch your mobile content website.

The entire team is dynamic and creative, and they are true thought leaders taking your business to the next level.

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