Top FM

TOP FM India is an online radio station from Ahmedabad (India).

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Entertainment Audio streaming service
Tech Stack
Javascript, Node.js, Angular 7, TypeScript, REST API

Services Used

     Web Development
     Mobile App Development
     Manage Cloud Hosting

TOP FM India is an online radio station from Ahmedabad (India). Broadcasting was opened on 4th August 2018. Listen to Bollywood and pop content in good quality in free live streaming. They had a website just with minimum functionalities. They wanted to maximize their online presence to attract more eyeballs to their website. In late 2019, the owner of TOP FM India wanted to revamp their website, add more functionalities, and make it more user friendly.


The TOP FM India team was unable to generate leads through the existing website. It had only limited features. One of the main challenges was migrating the existing database from the old website including URL redirections. Another challenge was shifting to the new website without dropping in SEO rankings.

The main challenge was to process large volumes of business data in the back-end and turn it into user-friendly web applications.

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Our Solution:

Having received primary tasks, Peanutsquare LLP specialists chose technologies appropriate for the Customer and worked out a strategy of further joint collaboration. A dedicated team consisting of a project manager, web software development engineers, and QA specialists was formed.

Primarily, we had to develop a fast, reliable and multi functional website, as a powerful tool for watching streaming video. Our programmers, armed with JavaScript, took the Wordpress REST API for the backend, chose the Angular framework for the frontend, and immersed it in the website development process.

In a few months, we released the first version of the website. Also, you could browse Bollywood Songs of every show on automatically created dedicated pages and watch so-called Shows, Videos, Pictures, summary of website.

Glad to find a team like PeanutSquare. Very much happy with the provided results.

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